PGA TOUR Licensed Coffee Table Book 

"​My Office Window"

About the Author:

​​Wedged somewhere ​in between the clouds and the trees​, John Boeddeker goes to work.  His "office" atop a 120 foot crane, he stands alongside “Old Glory” which he proudly flies in memory of 9/11.  His window looks over some of the most iconic golf holes in the world. His job, tracking a little white golf ball as it travels between blue sky and a host of clouds. 

You may not know who he is but his video imagery is familiar to every viewer at home watching.  His camera angle is one of the most unique in broadcast golf. The crane’s height allows him to follow the ball at it passes by him at speeds in excess of 170 miles per hour.  This "Speed Shot" as its referred to, provides for a completely different perspective of the ball in flight.

Boeddeker began his career in TV Sports in 1976 and assumed his current position at NBC on the Camera Crane in 1995. He has since worked more than 500 golf tournaments for NBC, ABC, CBS and the Golf Channel.  He currently works more than thirty golf telecasts a year. 

John's most recent endeavor is publishing this Golf Coffee Table Book titled, 

"My Office Window".